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In Memorium

Although painful, the tragic news of Benon Lutaaya's passing must be made public to honor a great artist and good friend whose spirit and art left an indelible mark on many lives.

Artist Benon Lutaaya passed away on April 13th, 2019.


Benon was a humble, kind-hearted soul who lived for his art. We became friends after he was featured in IthacaLit in 2014, and we enjoyed long, strangely haunting, phone conversations about life and art across many time-zones. Benon's art is extraordinary and became world-renowned in the last few years of his life. He gave of himself generously and made a financial commitment to his community with The Benon Lutaaya Foundation for Children, Uganda. He created a life's work even as he dealt with the illness that reared its head once again to take him into the next place. His art speaks with a rhythm that embodies intellectual and emotional intensity, and it is what we have left to keep him connected with us in this place. 

Benon lived.

Benon's work is represented by Saatchi Art. From his Artist's Statement: In his work, Benon offers some approach of his own personal space and identity in the world and how the latter has been formed, shaped and manipulated, sometimes torn, sometimes glued as intensely chiseled by his creative process. His technique reveals layers of constant manipulation, exploration and approximations in the application of the medium he opts to use to construct his forms. These layers are purposefully interspersed with elements of intervention and disturbance which acts as a blur to fixed ideas and questions the way identity gets constructed.