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The Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize

Pamela Yenser

2018 Prize Winner

Pamela Yenser

The Final Judge
Julie Kane.
Wheeler Light

2017 Prize Winner

Wheeler Light

The Final Judge
Rachel Eliza Griffiths.
Lynnr Burnett

2016 Prize Winner

Lynne Burnett

The Final Judge
Allison Joseph.
Elizabeth Hoover

2015 Prize Winner

Elizabeth Hoover

Final Judge, Lauren K. Alleyne, for whom the Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize is named, said, The winning poem, "Won’t You Be My Valentine," risks vulnerability, perhaps the hardest risk of all. I love the form of poetry, the movements of sound and linear arrangement that render the artifacts of words on the page multidimensional. I love image-dense language—nothing pulls me into a poem more than a lush sensory experience, that feeling when the poem temporarily hijacks my brain and makes me live in its world. And finally, I love the poem that is brave. I love the poem whose very existence is an act of courage. I love the poem that is hard-won. I love the poem that risks, the poem that dares.

$1,000 First Prize

Make us live in the world of your poem, pull us into your hard-won experience on this journey home. Be brave in this vulnerable act of creation and remember, "as a beggar Odysseus returned to Ithaca."

submissions open annually on September 1st