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Estella RAMIREZ, Spring 2019



An elm cracked, fell on the roof,

shook the whole house, and said,

I’m tired, and this house looks like a bed, or

I’m flying, and this house is the sky, or

I’m hungry, and falling feels like food, or

I’m falling, and this house feels like standing, or

I’m calling and this house is the wrong number, or

I’m chronic and this house is inflamed,

or this house walked past me saying only, you are so ugly, or

this house wouldn’t let me go home, shoved me up against a

        wall without warning, thrust against me and laughed and laughed,

or this house asked for a date, followed me for several blocks, even after I

        said no, even after my friend appeared with his arm to press my face into,

        and even after that, until my friend raised his voice, or

I’m not ready, and this house is death rushing toward me, or

I’m sorry, and this house is redemption, or

this house is not giving me any answers, or

this house promised answers it couldn’t give, or

I keep falling on this same house expecting different results, or

I keep falling on this same house, and it keeps catching me.

Estella Ramirez teaches poetry at California School of the Arts and facilitates workshops at historic Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Her poems appear in Kudzu House Journal, Angel City Review, Dryland Lit, and elsewhere. She was the runner-up winner in the Los Angeles Poet Society contest, and her poems were shortlisted for the Jack Grapes Poetry Prize and the Blue Mesa Review Poetry Contest.