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Blue Line to Wonderland


The world becomes an icon after dark.

I ride from bus to bus and paint the Saints.

A careful brush to capture every mark,

And color in the worst and worsted taints.


Beside an alley lives a desert monk.

I stop and stare and pass his way each day.

He looks and nods, his eyes are deeply sunk.

He knows mirages always pass away.


I paint them all as fam and kith and kin,

Who rip and run and deal and do and teach,

Who buy and sell and hide the best within,

Who speak in schools of tongues, free hearts each.


I paint the world in every shade of vice,

And watch men cast their lots with paradise.


Jason Carlos Cardona is a writer, poet, and street photographer based in Brownsville, TX. He is the founder of Hobbes, Hobsbawm, Malcolm & Selassie (www.hobbesandhobsbawm.com), a journal that seeks to organize and centralize a literary and intellectual community in the Americas and the Caribbean, looking at the world through the ‘spectacles of Ethiopia’ and through the words, ideas, and political legacy of Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940). Jason's debut collection "Blue Line to Wonderland: A Millennial Künstlerroman, Poems & Street Photography 2008-" is forthcoming.

Jason CARDONA, Spring 2019