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Kelly WALDEN, Spring 2019

Power Lines

. . . or Power Lions . . . or Power Loins


These women marching across the

         landscape, broad-shouldered,

         be-skirted, holding up the infrastructure –

Nobody sees them, but they’re

         everywhere, wordless, anonymous,

         the wasp-waist walkers

Illuminating everyone but

         themselves, powering the

         entire essence of everything.

They tread on those tiny triangular toes

         through every possible topography –


         a graveyard, a ghetto, a ghost town,

         a winnowed wheat field, a rival windmill farm,

         a river, a rail yard, a riprap ditch –

Each one holding tightly to her

         section of the circuitry that binds

         us all together.

What if no one ever recognizes these

         faceless females?

What if they turn loose of that

         fragile filament or fall

         down in that field?

They will electrify the world the day they

         suddenly surge forward

         and head steadily into that stunning horizon they eye.

Kelly Walden lives and writes in Paducah, Kentucky, where she was born and ended back up after 21 moves. She is married and has 4 children. Writing is her real love, but she created an ACT Prep business to serve her rural area and put sourdough bread on the table.  She also loves cold brownies slathered in cold butter, trees, bubblegum pop and old country, the smell of hot asphalt, and the color periwinkle.