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Lynne BURNETT, Spring 2019

From the Front Porch


Last night the rhododendrons must have dreamed,

for this morning lip-red flowers are opening,

fixing their mouths upon the bee-stirred air.

And the light that surely wakes for this—as I do—

has so soaked the crewcut grass, that the blades

seem to grow and bend brightly where my eyes

rest, and rest they do there.

The wind sweeps through the clipped corner hedge,

indifferent to the scattered applause of leaves,

bobbing the drowsy roses, sending little blossom

shadows sailing over an emerald sea, going

anywhere it wants, doing what it pleases, while

the flirting ivy presses its ladder against the fence—

oh, the lengths such longing goes!

Gone, two trees that coveted our sky for decades, and yet

the one we left at driveway’s end leans straight

into tomorrow, a regal celebrant spilling its pinata of

pinecones for a child’s hands to pocket. Mine move

slowly through their new wealth of hours, wanting only

to feel the solid warmth of yours. You are somewhere

I am not looking. You are everywhere I look.


Lynne Burnett lives in the Pacific Northwest. Recent publications include Arc, Blue Heron Review, Comstock Review, IthacaLit, Mockingheart Review, New Millennium Writings, River Styx, Tamsen, Taos Journal of Poetry & Art, Best of Kindness 2017 Anthology and a Tupelo Press chapbook anthology. She is the 2016 winner of the Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize, has been nominated for Best of the Net and was shortlisted for Arc’s 2018 Poem of the Year. Finishing Line Press published her chapbook, “Irresistible” in March, 2018. She maintains a blog/website at https://lynneburnett.ca/